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Thamsen Paul Uwe, Prof. Dr.-Ing., Berlin

Studied mechanical engineering at the Carolo-Wilhelmina Technical University in Braunschweig, PhD in 1992 at the Pfleiderer Institute for Fluid Machinery on the topic ‘Operational behaviour of deep well pumps in case of disturbed inflow conditions’.

After his academic years, he held different positions in units for technology, marketing and management at the company Pleuger Worthington GmbH in Hamburg, i.e. Head of R and D, Technical director, Head of sales and distribution and Managing director.

There, he acquired comprehensive knowledge with regard to production, sales and installation of radial pumps and radial pump systems, especially submersible pumps for water supply. Pleuger was part of the international company group Flowserve© with more than 100 manufacturing plants and more than 12000 employees in the field of radial pumps and fluid systems worldwide.

Furthermore, he was an active member of the German Engineering Federation’s research committee on pumps within the pumps and systems association and initiated numerous development projects in cooperation with different universities. At the same time, he held training courses for employees and clients all over the world, which included an annual workshop on mine drainage in Australia.

Since 2003 Prof. Thamsen is head of the ‘Department of fluid dynamics/fluid machinery’ at the Berlin Technical University. Apart from lectures on fluid machinery in mechanical engineering, his main research topics are i.e. fluid machinery, water supply and sewage systems, cooling systems for motors, radial pumps and wind power plants.

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