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Schicketanz Walter, Dr.-Ing., Rosenheim

After graduating in mechanical engineering/process engineering at the Munich Technical University, he first worked in the field of food technology. 

Then, he worked at the Institute of process technology of the Munich Technical University. After his PhD (1971) he entered an international chemical industry group.

Working in the technical development, he soon became responsible for the design of chemical plants. While implementing numerous projects, he spent several years in European countries and overseas.

After his stays abroad, he held the management of a planning and design unit for all sizes of plants for basic chemicals, catalytic converters, synthetic materials et. al. The practical experience gathered in planning and design provoked his general interest in problems regarding the integration of pumps as well as the design and adjustment of pump systems into/in large-scale plants.

Therefore, he began to work in this field as well, however, from the point of view of a process engineer and plant designer and, simultaneously, he started his long-time cooperation with in-house experts.

In 2005 he retired.

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