TU BerlinTU Graz

Jaberg Helmut, o.Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing., Graz

CEO. Since 1995 Professor at the Graz University of Technology as well as managing director and partner of an international consulting company. 

Hennecke Friedrich-Wilhelm, Dr.-Ing., Grünstadt/Weinstraße

Academic studies in mechanical engineering/process engineering at the Universities Hannover and Bristol, scientific assistant at the Max-Planck-Institute for flow research in Göttingen

Thamsen Paul Uwe, Prof. Dr.-Ing., Berlin

Studied mechanical engineering at the Carolo-Wilhelmina Technical University in Braunschweig, PhD in 1992 at the Pfleiderer Institute for Fluid Machinery on the topic ‘Operational behaviour of deep well pumps in case of...


Grill Michael, Dipl.-Ing., Schwechat

Academic studies at the Vienna University of Technology in mechanical engineering. Since 1995 employee of the OMV – planning implementation and control of maintenance measures for machines of the Schwechat refinery....

Lehner Josef, Ing., Burgkirchen

Professional education at the School of Higher Education in Steyr, at the Department of mechanical, motor and automotive engineering.

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