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For numerous industries such as water and sewage treatment, chemical and procedural, refineries and power plants as well as food, paper and pharmaceutical industry, sound know-how on pumps and systems becomes more and more important.

Energy efficiency is increasingly demanded in all industrial fields, and again pumps play a significant role as 12.6% of the power consumption in the EU has to be allotted to them. And, as pump systems are often largely oversized, vast savings can be achieved by means of optimisation only.

Who is going to provide solutions for continuous optimisation with requirements for pumps and systems getting increasingly specialized? Highly qualified pump experts are not only wanted by pump manufacturers for distribution, conception, marketing and development but also by operators for system planning, operation, servicing and maintenance. However, the number of experts available is not sufficient to cover the demand.

In order to be able to correctly choose a pump and to evaluate its operational and maintenance state, quite high levels of technical knowledge as well as operational experience are required, which actually cannot but be acquired by means of many years of practical work in industrial entities. Hence, the industry’s call for a training providing the knowledge required and thus forming “pump experts” became louder and louder. “Pump Engineer” was created to satisfy this demand.

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