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Important Notice

The English-language pump engineer study course is currently being redesigned into an entirely distance learning course. In addition, an attendance period   “Pump Industrial Field Trip” lasting two weeks is offered in Germany and Austria. For this reason, the start of the next English-language pump engineer study course will be postponed . Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Pump.Ing - The Pump Engineer

The study programme for pump engineers is offered in terms of an academic extra occupational, distance-learning study course with just a few obligatory attendance periods. The flexible time management allows every participant to determine the pace of his own study progress himself.

The "Pump Engineer" study course corresponds to a time equivalent of 400 hours and is split into several sections. The basic modules, providing theoretical basics, are followed by branch-related modules allowing for the consolidation of basic knowledge, which can be chosen according to the needs and interest of each participant. These modules provide plant and process-related skills important for particular industrial sectors.

The study course is concluded as soon as all of the obligatory modules as well as the arbitrary fields of application have been taken to the required extent and as soon as all the exams related to these modules have been passed successfully. The training for ‘Certified Energy Consultants for Pumps and Pump Systems‘ is already included in this study programme. All necessary study material and all exam fees are included in the course fee of € 6.250,-- (VAT excl.). Travel expenses have to be borne by the participants themselves

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